Thursday, June 10, 2010

TS and that puffy paint!

So, first I am going to address the TS part. TS is Toy Society. I know that some of my followers know of it. But I am not actually sure how many of the blogs I follow know about it. There are so many talented ladies, that I'm sure would make some pretty neat things for this. I am making a couple little finger puppets for my drop.

I should probably explain what it is. It is, in a nutshell, anonymous handmade toys for perfect strangers. I will link it up, so you all can just check it out yourself, because I am at a loss for words on explaining it. Check it out here.

Now, today, while going around to the blogs I like to frequent. I saw this post on Skip to My Lou. I had seen this puffy paint in a craft book we took out of the library about a month ago, and I knew I wanted to make it then, but I totally forgot about it until seeing that post.  I suggest doing this, it was alot of fun.
And to end the post here are some pictures.

Puff is up momma, puff it up.

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