Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Silly Willy.

That is what my little one is always calling people recently. Well, this morning/noon, she was the silly willy. She only watches 3 shows a day, most days anyways, and those are Dora, or Diego. Max and Ruby and Ni Hao Kai Lan. Or if we get up early enough, she will watch 3 shows on Playhouse Disney instead, cause she loves Mickey Mouse.

Anyways, while watching Dora, she was doing really good at saying the words in Spanish, and telling Dora to take the azul path and not the rojo one. When Ki Lan comes on, there is a part where Ki Lan asks for help. She asks the veiwers to say the word for water in Chinese, which she then tells them. Then shes tells them to help, and says, say water in Chinese.
Well, here is little one sitting next to me, and when Ki Lan says that, she blurts out "water in Chinese", instead of the word Ki Lan told the meant water in Chinese. I was giggling about it pretty much the rest of the show, I love these moments.

Anyone else have any they care to share?

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