Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Silly Willy.

That is what my little one is always calling people recently. Well, this morning/noon, she was the silly willy. She only watches 3 shows a day, most days anyways, and those are Dora, or Diego. Max and Ruby and Ni Hao Kai Lan. Or if we get up early enough, she will watch 3 shows on Playhouse Disney instead, cause she loves Mickey Mouse.

Anyways, while watching Dora, she was doing really good at saying the words in Spanish, and telling Dora to take the azul path and not the rojo one. When Ki Lan comes on, there is a part where Ki Lan asks for help. She asks the veiwers to say the word for water in Chinese, which she then tells them. Then shes tells them to help, and says, say water in Chinese.
Well, here is little one sitting next to me, and when Ki Lan says that, she blurts out "water in Chinese", instead of the word Ki Lan told the meant water in Chinese. I was giggling about it pretty much the rest of the show, I love these moments.

Anyone else have any they care to share?

Monday, May 24, 2010


I wanted to make something that I knew for sure people would use, so for Christmas last year, I made a few throw pillows(like my sister is in love with anything with peace signs, so i did her's and sewed a peace sign on the front), and bookmarks.

I scoured the web, looking for some ideas. I found some, but I didn't find one that I just loved.(and also had the materials on hand to be able to make). Like those book thongs, I would love to be able to make those, but don't have the materials, and don't want to infringe on my future SIL territory, she is into making jewlery and those book marks.

First, I just sat around wondering what the heck I was going to do. I had ribbon in front of me, and thought I could incorporate it in some way. I could still make a book thong, but I would use the ribbon, and use some kind of fabric to cap off and decorate the ends. And it would be more like a thong than the actual ones,  those are more like book g-strings(hahaha).

So, anyways. You going to want the ribbon that has scalloped edges, If you know what I mean.

You going to want to go up diagonally. So start at one end, with one side of the ribbon, and put it through a scallop. Then go across to the other piece of ribbon, and go through that, and keep going up till the end.

(sorry the picture is soo icky. Camera phone.)
Once I finished the ends off, I took some felt and sewed it around the ends. Sometimes I make one end kind of decorative, for the one in the picture I just took a tiny bow and sewed it on. I made one for my future SIL, not the one that does the jewelry, and did one end to look like a giraffe, I wish I had a picture of it to show.

And that's that. I am going to link it up a few places, if you have something you would like to link up, just push one of the buttons below!

Keeping It Simple

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sock Monkey...and The Toy Society!

I suppose I should just tell what Toy Society is first, that way you don't forget why I randomly added that in at the end of the tutorial. I am sure some of you know what it is already, but for those who don't, here goes.
It is pretty much, people making handmade toys, and leaving them in public places for perfect strangers to find. Here is a link to learn more about what it is, and how it got started: click here to learn more!

Anyways, I first saw this on this blog, Delilah's Momma - Work, Play, Sew, Eat., and thought it was such a neat thing to do. It could really brighten someone's day, or just give them something new to play with.

On to the sock monkey. (I honestly need to get a battery for my new camera!) I don't have any pictures of it as I was going along, and I honestly had the hardest time finding an actual tutorial on the web. I wish I had saved it or something, because I would just link that up for the pictures and such.

Here is a picture of it finished.  The first thing you will need to do is get a pair of knee high socks, I got mine from Kohl's, but when I was in at Deb's with my sister getting her Prom dress, I noticed they had tons in all different designs and colors.
Take one of the socks and turn it inside out, then line it up so that the heel is centered

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Next time won't you sing with ME!!

So, for my little one's birthday this year, which isn't until September, I am making all the gifts I am giving her.

I am currently working on a alphabet. I got some fabric from my SO grandmother awhile back, and wasn't sure what I was going to do with it. I finally decided I wanted to make something with it. She will be three this year, and kind of knows her ABC's, but she skips some letters and such still. Now, she can learn them, and recognize the letter it is too. She already does so with the letter's in her name.

Anyways, on to the craft.

I cut up the fabric for this awhile ago, so no pictures of that. But I basically cut a square about 6x6. Then, as I go, I freehand whatever letter I am at onto the fabric. I am sewing it up with a blanket stich around the whole outside edge.
I know this isn't much help, but it is pretty straightforward.

I wish I could take another better picture, but all I have now is the webcam.

The Girl Creative

The Girl Creative