Saturday, August 28, 2010

Crafts for little kids...

                                                       (sorry. this is the best picture I could manage this morning.)

Recently, my mom picked up a craft book for my daughter and I. She know's that we like doing crafts and I was grateful because it saves me time from scouring the internet for something "different" to do with her. It had so many unique and fun crafts in it. My mom was really loving one in the "Use your feet and hands" section. It was a little rug, and feet were used to decorate it. The one in the book the feet prints were arranged to look like a flower. And then just the toes and a little of the foot was used to make a border around the outside.

We went and picked up the supplies yesterday, and did the rugs. I have no pictures from the procces, not that it is hard. But, I think I may have gotten a few cute pictures out of it.

What you will need: acrylic paint in colors you like, cookie sheets or baking pans, paintbrush, large piece or paper, cotton throw rug.

So, you pretty much just get all your stuff ready. Pour the paint on your cookie sheet, and use a paintbrush to spread it. You can use the paper to experiment with mixing colors if you want, otherwise, you will not really need the paper.  Unless you also wanted to use it as a test to see how you want to put your footprints out on the rug. Then you just do whatever design you want to on the rugs. If you have a younger kid. I would suggest helping them out by picking them up and placing their feet in whatever design they want.

I would let you see how ours turned out, but I didn't get pictures of the one for my mom and grandma. And the one I got of my daughters, well, the picture just won't turn out.


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